YourStride and Age Concern Southend On Sea announce partnership YourStride and Age Concern Southend On Sea announce partnership
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YourStride and Age Concern Southend on Sea announce partnership

We are excited to announce the launch of our partnership with Age Concern Southend on Sea (ACSOS).

ACSOS is an independent charity established in 1974 (originally as Southend Older People’s Welfare) to help older people in the local community. They are committed to making Southend a better place to age. ACSOS provides a wide range of important services from advice and befriending to The Haven Community Hub catering to everyone’s needs. The team has often come across limitations with traditional alarms. They identified our YourStride alarm watch service as the best way to overcome those barriers and offer better support for older people locally.

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YourStride co-founders Adi and Ewan also saw first hand that they could help older people be more active and independent by replacing traditional pendant alarms. People found the traditional alarms stigmatising and because they only worked at home, they felt trapped, further isolating them. 48% of falls happen outside - if you can’t get help, you don’t feel like going out. It is this shared passion to improve older people’s lives that has naturally led to the partnership.


Andrew Gardner, CEO of Age concern Southend on Sea says:

"We are very excited to be able to partner with YourStride. As we grow old no one wants to be limited in what they can do, and we like the YourStride alarm watch as it will give people the confidence to get out and about and remain independent knowing that help will be at the end of a watch if they ever need it."

The YourStride alarm watch looks like an everyday smartwatch but has the ability to make an emergency call to a 24/7 monitoring team at the push of a button. Older people can use it to get help wherever they are; at home or out and about. The watch can also count steps and measure heart rate. It is the highest rated alarm service in the UK and is enabling older people to be more confident, independent and active.

“I had it going within 5 minutes. It is a very trendy looking piece of kit. It not only counts my steps and tells me my pulse rate and blood pressure but most important of all it is a personal alarm should I fall or be in difficulty of any kind wherever I am.” - Robert (MBE)

“It gives me the confidence to follow the hobbies I always enjoyed before my illness.” - John

YourStride is a social enterprise supported by Design Council, Resonance, UnLtd and the Big Lottery Fund. The team used cutting edge design techniques while in consultation with older people all over the country to create a personal alarm system that people could be proud of. By partnering with Re-engage they will continue to help older people to be more confident and independent.

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YourStride Co-Founder Aditya Kasliwal says:

“I am thrilled to partner with ACSOS to support more older people in Southend. Age Concern Southend on Sea are doing so much locally to improve people’s lives especially during these challenging times. By working together, I hope that PAW will help build on this and enable older people to be more active, confident and independent.”

To learn more about the social enterprise and charity involved in this partnership please visit YourStride and Age Concern Southend on Sea.