Where Can I Buy a Personal Alarm on the High Street? Where Can I Buy a Personal Alarm on the High Street?
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Where Can I Buy a Personal Alarm on the High Street?

When searching for additional safety measures for elderly loved ones, a common query that arises is: "Where can I buy a personal alarm on the high street?". In this blog, we will delve into the choices available, explain the scarcity of traditional personal alarms in high street stores, and explore viable alternatives. Finally, we will introduce the YourStride personal alarm watch and explain why it merits serious consideration for anyone requiring a dependable personal safety solution.

The Challenge of Finding Personal Alarms on the High Street

If you've tried searching for a personal alarm on the high street, you've probably discovered they are not as common as one might expect. This is primarily due to the comprehensive information and infrastructure required to provide effective emergency monitoring. A traditional personal alarm system involves a 24/7 monitoring team capable of responding promptly to emergencies. To deliver this level of service, extensive information about the user's medical history, contact details, and emergency contacts is essential.

Furthermore, many personal alarms require professional installation and ongoing maintenance, which is challenging to offer on the high street. The involvement of trained staff - and the need for ongoing support - make it more suitable for companies specialising in the device.

Mobile Phones with Safety Features: A Partial Solution

Recognising the gap in the market, some mobile phone manufacturers have integrated safety features into their devices. These phones come with functionalities like panic buttons, GPS tracking, and the ability to connect to emergency services or, more typically, family members and loved ones. While this approach offers a level of security, it's not without its limitations. Some of the more popular choices are listed below.

  • Doro Mobile Phones: Doro specialises in easy-to-use mobile phones with SOS buttons and GPS location sharing, making them a suitable choice for elderly individuals.

  • Apple iPhone: Some Apple devices have a built-in fall detection feature that will automatically request help if a fall is detected.

  • Samsung Galaxy Phones: Samsung offers an SOS feature that sends an emergency message to selected contacts with location information when activated.

Click here for YourStride's complete guide to the best mobile phones for the elderly.

While these alternatives offer some support, they do not provide the same level of safety and security as a dedicated personal alarm system monitored by professionals. As a result, the response may not be as swift or accurate in a true emergency. And, as most of these will connect to an emergency contact as opposed to a 24/7 emergency monitoring centre, there are several additional challenges that must be considered:

  • Undue Pressure on Family and Loved Ones: Relying on a family member or loved one to provide emergency support can place a significant and often underestimated burden on them. The emotional toll of being the primary point of contact for an elderly relative's emergency needs is not to be taken lightly. When a family member takes on this role, they are essentially accepting the responsibility of being a lifeline in times of crisis.

    The emotional pressure that comes with this role can be overwhelming, especially in high-stress situations. The constant worry about their loved one's safety can lead to family members finding themselves in a constant state of alertness, anticipating an emergency call at any moment. This perpetual state of anxiety can negatively impact their own well-being

  • No Guarantee of Answering: While it's natural for family members to want to be there for their loved ones in times of need, there is no guarantee they will always be available to answer an emergency call. Life is unpredictable, and even the most caring and dedicated family members have their own responsibilities, commitments, and activities.

    They may be at work, in meetings, travelling, or simply in situations where they cannot answer an emergency call. Additionally, family members may have their phones on silent or be in areas with poor network reception, making it impossible to reach them when needed. Moreover, there may be situations where a family member is entirely unaware of the emergency unfolding. The elderly individual in distress might not be able to make the call, or they may be unable to communicate the urgency of the situation. In such cases, valuable time can be lost waiting for a response that may never come, potentially leading to more severe consequences.

  • Lack of Emergency Training: Family members, as much as they care for their elderly relatives, may not have the training or experience required to handle emergencies effectively. Emergency situations demand a specific skill set and a calm, rational approach. Without proper training, even the most well-intentioned individuals might not know how to assess the situation, provide first aid, or make the critical decisions needed to ensure the best outcome.

    In a moment of crisis, stress and panic can cloud judgement, leading to suboptimal responses. The lack of emergency training can hinder family members from providing timely and appropriate assistance, potentially exacerbating the situation or making it harder for professionals to intervene effectively. In contrast, dedicated emergency responders and monitoring teams are well-trained to handle emergencies, ensuring the right actions are promptly taken to safeguard the individual in distress.

In light of these challenges, there is a clear need for a dependable and comprehensive solution. The YourStride Alarm Watch was designed with the specific needs of the elderly in mind, and whilst it can’t be purchased on the high street, the additional peace of mind and heightened security is worth the (relatively small) extra effort.

Personal alarm watch

YourStride is an innovative personal alarm watch that provides 24/7 emergency assistance either at the press of a button or via its automatic fall detection feature. Here's how it can revolutionise the way you or your loved ones approach personal safety:

  • Professional Monitoring: When you activate the YourStride Alarm Watch in an emergency situation, you are connected to a dedicated 24/7 monitoring team. These professionals are well-trained to handle a wide range of emergencies, from falls and accidents to medical crises. Their expertise ensures the right help is dispatched promptly to your location.
  • Automatic Fall Detection: Falls are a common concern among the elderly, and YourStride is equipped with advanced technology that can automatically detect a fall. This feature is especially critical when an individual is unable to press the SOS button due to incapacitation or loss of consciousness. The watch initiates the emergency response on its own, providing swift assistance.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Support: YourStride offers protection anywhere in the UK, 24/7. This means you're safeguarded whether you're at home, in your garden, or out and about in your local community. No matter where you are, you can access the support you need at any time.
  • Peace of Mind: For both users and their families, YourStride brings an unparalleled sense of peace of mind. Knowing professional help is just a button press away - or that a fall will trigger an automatic response - can alleviate the emotional burden on family members and provide elderly individuals with the confidence to live an active lifestyle.

YourStride is a game-changing solution that transcends the limitations of relying on family members for emergency support. It ensures help is readily available, professionally handled, and responsive to a wide range of scenarios. When it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of the elderly in the UK, the YourStride Alarm Watch sets a new standard for personal safety. And though it can’t be purchased on the high street, the additional peace of mind and security more than makes up for this. Click here to order your YourStride personal alarm watch today.

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